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Every business owner wants to have an easy, organised, up-to-date and cost-effective book-keeping system. But as businesses are busy and our lives complex, it can become a huge challenge to maintain records in an easy, organised, up-to-date and cost-effective way.

Enter Anderson & Co; we know how to help you achieve this. We can run a ‘Health Check’ on your current book-keeping system, support you in keeping your own books or we can simply do it all for you.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Cloud Accounting Software
Kashflow is a book-keeping software package designed to help you manage your book-keeping and accounts more easily. Not only that, you will be able to keep a better track on your financial position.

This software integrates fully with our accountancy software. Why is that interesting? The time efficiency allows us to offer you a more competitive annual accountancy-fee.

Accounting Software
We are trained and experienced in working with a number of different accountancy software packages, including Sage and quick books. Contact us to discuss your current software.

No, not all businesses benefit from accounting software. We also maintain spreadsheets and cashbooks, and can assist you in setting up these ledgers if you would like to maintain them yourself.

Would you like to hear how we can tailor our services to add value to your business?

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